Golborne Medium

Golborne Medium


Golborne Medium
(includes single Medium Golborne)

ARUP and Goldfinger Factory have developed ‘GOLBORNE’, a family of storage and desk tidy products combining waste milk bottles from Arup's head office with reclaimed timber from our workshops to produce food safe containers and desk tidies, truly embracing circular economy design. The milk bottles are cut using an industrial secret at Arup's head office and the lids are cut on our CNC machine by our artisans and trainees at our Future Factory, thus saving materials from ending up in landfill and creating jobs and training opportunities.

The Golborne Medium is the perfect accessory for your kitchen or office. Ideal for storage of spices, nuts, grains, or any dry goods, or your paper clips and other office stationery. Available in reclaimed HARDWOODS: walnut, oak, beech and COLOURED PLY: red, blue, yellow, green, grey. Made in London.

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