We are passionate about reducing the amount of perfectly edible food that goes to landfill each year and providing a platform for people in the community to enjoy a nutritious meal made from organic and sustainably-sourced produce.

This is why, every third Sunday of the month, Goldfinger Factory and their in-house chef Giuseppe from Panella London cook up a community feast made from surplus food collected from local farmers' markets and bakeries with a team of volunteers.

Everyone is welcome to lend a helping hand in the kitchen and learn some new cooking skills from 3pm, or come and enjoy a colourful, nutritious and delicious feast from 6pm.


As People’s Kitchen welcomes more guest through the door, and feeds more people from the community and beyond, we are in real need of more food donations too. If you work in a cafe, shop, farmers market, or kitchen and would be willing to let our volunteers collect your surplus fresh food once a month, please do get in touch with Emily at info@goldfingerfactory.com who will arrange this with you. We appreciate all our food donors who help make People’s Kitchen possible and reduce food waste with us.

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people fed for free

at our monthly People’s Kitchen feasts 

2.55 tonnes

of surplus food diverted

most of which is organic

Giuseppe happy to be serving his delicious recipes.  Photography by Vlad Muko.
Panera bread bowl.  Photography by Vlad Muko.
Delicious Sicilian pasta.  Photography by Vlad Muko.
Sicilian chicken fresh out the oven.  Photography by Vlad Muko.
Giuseppe serving up a delicious Sicilian pasta recipe.  Photography by Vlad Muko.
Guests tucking into their feast.  Photography by Sabrina Dallot-Seguro.
Photography by Sabrina Dallot-Seguro.
Guests enjoying the music and atmosphere.  Photography by Vlad Muko.
Jem Tyler setting the tone for the evening.  Photography by Vlad Muko.
Delicious pies donated by Queens Park Farmers Market and homemade Sicilian pasta cooked by Giuseppe.  Photography by Vlad Muko.