Our Resident Artisan Programme

Our RESIDENT ARTISANS are local artists and craftspeople to whom we give access to our workshop facilities and their own studio space to develop their craft and grow their own business. In exchange, we ask them for the equivalent of 1 week per month working for us, providing expertise and training that benefits the local community.


Our Trainee Programme

Get paid to learn with our Scholarship Programme

Our ACADEMY TRAINEE programme enables companies to sponsor a trainee to learn craft skills . Our Scholarship Programme trains local young people in a swathe of manual skills- such as carpentry, joinery, cabinet making, metalwork and paint effects- with the aim of developing a skill pallet lending itself to them becoming self-supporting craftspeople. This is a particularly hands-on programme with training and applied learning 5 days a week as well as workshop evening classes.


Our Volunteers

Learn skills, meet people and make a difference

Our ACADEMY VOLUNTEERS are a huge part of the team whether providing manual help in our workshop or contributing on a marketing, retail and/or administrative level behind the scenes. Our volunteering programme is for people of all ages and is an opportunity to develop new skills, gain experience volunteering in a social enterprise, meet new people and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you are making a vital difference to the work of Goldfinger Factory.