Our community café is a food incubation platform. The idea behind this platform is to provide peppercorn rent to local food entrepreneurs and chefs to start their own business. In exchange, they donate their time to run free events that benefit the local community, such as running our monthly People's Kitchen, a feast made from surplus food collected from local bakeries and markets that would have otherwise ended up in landfill.

The People's Kitchen is an endeavour very close to our hearts as it beautifully captures our waste into gold ideology in its simplest form. We are passionate about reducing the amount of perfectly edible food that ends up in landfill each year and providing a platform for people in the community to enjoy a nutritious meal made from organic and sustainably-sourced produce.

Everyone is welcome to join us every third Sunday of the month- it's so much fun! Lend a hand in the kitchen and learn some new cooking skills from 3pm, or come and enjoy a beautifully colourful and delicious feast from 6pm. This feast is a donations-based meal and all donations go to Mary's Meals, an inspiring charity that feeds over 1 million school children every day in the world's poorest countries.

Our current incubatee, Panella, are the most charming and welcoming Sicilian-Tuscan duo who serve up authentic and affordable Sicilian street food Monday-Saturday from 8am-5pm: ranging from a myriad of pastas, meat, fish, arancine, salads, grilled vegetables and of course panelle as well as exquisite coffee and Sicilian cakes.

We also host supper clubs, cooking classes and private events in our community café. Please do get in touch to book our space for your next birthday party, corporate event, book launch, press launch or exhibition.