Meet: Les Filles Café

In June 2018, The Conduit invited our CEO, Marie, to give a talk as part of their summer series featuring social entrepreneurs. Through this event, Marie was introduced to Bianca Roden who had just invested in Les Filles Café founded by health-conscious restaurateurs (and sisters), Hayet and Sonia, who were about to launch their third site in Paddington, after much success in their original Hampstead Heath and Waterloo locations. We all immediately felt a great connection through our shared ethos of sustainable, beautiful design. It was a natural fit. And Les Filles chose Goldfinger Factory to design and fabricate their newest restaurant in Paddington.


Goldfinger’s Head of Design, Alex, worked closely with the sisters over the next few months to design and adapt the space to their vision. Then, our skilled craftsmen built the counter, tables, benches, winerack, shelving and storage for the bespoke fit-out at one of London’s most inviting new health-conscious eateries.

With a comfortable, laid-back but polished aesthetic, and the pairing of hand drawn wall art, plush upholstered touches, and a uniquely vibrant food offering, Les Filles is a feast for the senses. Dig in!


Goldfinger Factory speaks to Hayet, Co-Founder of Les Filles Café

Goldfinger: Where did the inspiration behind Les Filles Café come from?

Hayet: Our Mum has diabetes and was terrible at giving up her favourite foods - especially sugary treats. So we started working on foods that would give her the same satisfaction without spiking her blood sugar levels and messing with her insulin. Les Filles is very much the result of that, because as we started searching and creating, we realised the lack of ‘free from’ foods available at the time, and how difficult that made it for someone to eat out if they have medical conditions to consider.

We like to keep things interesting and flavoursome, because the fact that one can’t eat certain foods shouldn’t be a punishment. Les Filles goes back to the basics of food and drinks with a twist, it’s healthy, vegan-friendly, and we use ingredients that don’t need an encyclopaedia.

Goldfinger: If you had to sum up Les FillesCafé in one core purpose, what would it be?

Hayet: Our purpose is to make London people feel healthier and better about themselves one visit at a time.

Goldfinger: What is your vision for Les Filles?

Hayet: Interestingly it’s a question we ask ourselves a lot. We want to keep what we created authentically; we choose very carefully where and whom to work with. It means that although growth is natural, ours will be slow, careful and authentic. We want to become one of the spots people feel safe to eat and drink. A staple of London’s healthy eating, without the pressure of limiting ourselves with too many labels (keto, vegan, ect…). Health means different things from one person to the next, Les Filles embodies and respects that.

Goldfinger: What attracted you to Goldfinger Factory in the first place?

Hayet: We got lucky – we were introduced to Goldfinger Factory through Bianca. When we visited the Goldfinger Factory, we loved the grounded, sharing and lovely feel of the place. We share a similar purpose, where all the work we do is really to deliver final products that empower and support others. We gather teams that we care for, and help them to become better versions of themselves. Being environmentally friendly is also an ethos we share. It was easy to work with you guys and we can’t wait for the next project!

Goldfinger: What do you hope to achieve with our collaboration?

Hayet: I guess our long-term partnership means that we’ll be able to continue exploring ways of creating beautiful pieces, using interesting and eco-friendly materials. To challenge each other, it is something we are confident doing with Goldfinger.


Goldfinger: What is an innovation, change or design which inspired/ excited you most recently?

Hayet: I have read of furniture entirely made of recycled ocean plastic. It just sounds incredibly exciting and something we’d definitely look into!

Marie Cudennec