ARUP x Goldfinger Factory: Circular Economy Collection

Arup are one of the leading names in architecture and engineering - so it was with well-founded excitement that Goldfinger Factory pioneered an innovative new design concept with them. The Crown Estate commissioned Arup to lead a £1m project to upcycle and reduce waste from their Regent Street properties. Arup were introduced to Goldfinger Factory through Imperial College London, and quickly identified them as the perfect match for this project. Having been set up in 1946 by a philosopher and engineer, Arup’s ethos is optimistic yet pragmatic; a perfect fit for a Goldfinger Factory collaboration!

ARUPxGF Golborne Collection 1- Credit Arup & Paul Carstairs.jpg

Working together to produce The Golborne Collection, our ‘waste into gold’ philosophy was at the very heart of this project. Plastic milk bottles salvaged from Arup’s London head office were given new life, and cut using an industrial wire cutter, then delivered to Goldfinger Factory, where our skilled carpenters used digital fabrication techniques to cut the lids. Our trainees then sand and finish the beautiful, reusable wooden lids for these, to produce food storage, desk tidies, and useful caddies of varying sizes - all from unwanted milk bottles and offcuts of quality wood.  

No more clingfilm, tinfoil or other disposable food wrapping with these at home. The containers fit within a minimalist aesthetic, and are a subtle way to tidy a busy workspace or family home. Here at Goldfinger Factory we are proud to design and make everyday items which are part of the circular economy. We love to challenge wastefulness with easy to adopt solutions.

The Golborne Range closely follows the Japanese aesthetics of combining natural elements with urban life, and gained a lot of attention at the London Design Festival in 2017. The ergonomic design, versatile uses, and tactile woodwork created one of our most popular products. They can be found in our Golborne Road shop, in both coloured and natural wood finishes, as well as through our online shop.

Marie Cudennec