Wellcome Trust x Goldfinger

Back in 2016 the Wellcome Trust commissioned Goldfinger Factory to design and build their newest closed-loop interiors project.

The Wellcome Trust are renowned for championing innovation and curiosity, so naturally they chose Goldfinger Factory to realise their unusual idea; regenerating their medical journal waste into a piece of beautiful furniture.

The piece, a magazine and leaflet stand, needed to incorporate the out-of-date marketing material that had been piling up at the Wellcome Trust HQ. Goldfinger Factory innovated an unusual way to feature it, with a little help from Sphere8, a local environmentally-conscious resin company.

First our Metalworker, Mark, created the frame, in our workshop. It was then sent to Sphere8, who Goldfinger Factory had been introduced to through an earlier collaboration with Tom Dixon.

Sphere8 use resin produced from castor beans; a radical alternative to the usual petrochemical, environmentally harmful resins used throughout the design and build industry. Being environmentally responsible is core to Goldfinger Factory’s design principles, so it was exciting to have the opportunity to pair up with Sphere8, who are also working on creative solutions to counter the negative impact of waste.

Some choice images from the marketing material were wrapped around the frame, then set in the eco-friendly resin. After hand-layering several precise coats of this sustainably-produced resin, the piece was then hand-finished. Steve Mason at the Wellcome Trust said “Wellcome [sought] a like-minded partner [to] deliver an innovative solution, Goldfinger Factory was definitely that partner … a complete service from initial consultation to project realisation, in creating an exquisite masterpiece in bespoke fabrication.

The final result can be seen in the entrance hall of Wellcome Trust’s HQ, The Wellcome Collection,  on Euston Road.

Marie Cudennec