Heal’s x GF: Made in London

The historic Heal’s invited Goldfinger Factory to be part of their annual Craft Market and display our bespoke furniture for their flagship store in Tottenham Court Road, and to facilitate craft workshops for the public.


The workshops ran in May 2017, with the purpose of empowering people to make something beautiful with their own hands from wooden offcuts. Attendees made use of offcuts of wood from the Goldfinger Workshop, to fully engage with our ‘waste into gold’ philosophy. The attendees made jewellery, based on the original designs of Catherine Stolarski, an industrial designer from Paris with a deep appreciation for sustainable design. The wooden necklaces each varied slightly, depending on the grain and colour of the wood. The result was something unique and cool, that participants took home, to wear with pride.


For the other half of this collaboration, Goldfinger Factory were commissioned to design and make an original piece of furniture for the Heal’s Made In London show. One of our craftsmen, Mark, created our Auric Table based on circular design principles, using a John Lewis walnut kitchen worktop offcut. The result was one of our most popular products, leading to further commissions following the pop-up at HEAL’s Craft Market. Fancy your own Bespoke Auric Table … ? That is not just “Made in London” but “Made in Notting Hill”.

Marie Cudennec