Inhabit Hotel x Goldfinger Factory


A unique and welcome addition to the West London community, Inhabit Hotel has appointed us as the main bespoke fabricator for the launch of their newest sustainability and wellness-inspired hotel in collaboration with Holland Harvey Architects. The launch, later this year, will showcase Goldfinger Factory’s bespoke designs in the hotel’s thoughtfully curated social spaces and beautiful library.

Introduced by Holland Harvey in 2017, Inhabit’s CEO, Nadira, and Marie, our CEO, immediately hit it off, due to our shared ethos of creating beautiful spaces with a conscience and we are so looking forward to further collaboration.

In 2018, we were delighted that Inhabit Hotels chose to partner with us as a corporate sponsor to further support our development plans in the upcoming year. Coming up in 2019, we will be welcoming the Inhabit team, running creative team building sessions for them in our workshops.

We interviewed Nadira, one of Inhabit’s founders, to find out what they’re all about.


Where did the inspiration behind Inhabit hotels come from?

Nadira Lalji, Founder, Inhabit

Nadira Lalji, Founder, Inhabit

Nadira: Years spent in well-established, yet sometimes impersonal hotels, got us thinking about the modern traveller and what they hope to find when choosing somewhere to lay their head. Uniform rooms can feel isolating. And when you’re on the road, wellbeing often takes a backseat, and you can be left with fast food and late-night channel hopping. So we asked, what if there was a place that actively encouraged you to think about your own wellbeing? That encourages you to eat well, find the time to exercise, breathe deeply and sleep well?

If you had to sum up Inhabit in one core purpose, what would it be?

Nadira: To restore. Restoration is partly related to good sleep, food and movement, but it’s also about mental stimulation, and intellectual wellbeing. We work with local communities - from crafting and book clubs to yoga studios – enabling our guests to engage with their passions, and perhaps discover something new in the process!

Why the name 'Inhabit’?


Nadira: We wanted a word that transcended languages, but as a starting point, we delved into the principles of hygge and Scandi living. Hygge is all about comfort in its simplest forms. It is essentially the practice of taking joy in the small things; a warm shower, lighting an evening candle, dinner with friends, and conversation that carries into the early hours. Inhabiting a place opens up all these wonderful possibilities.

What is your vision for Inhabit?

Nadira: To be a hub for convening at the heart of the Paddington community. We have been working closely with Paddington Business Improvement District and there’s a shared vision to reinstate a Paddington Village. It’s an exciting area that’s undergoing constant development. We are excited to anchor ourselves in this thriving community, offering activities centred around wellness; from meditation pods and sessions to talks and supper clubs in our library.

What attracted you to Goldfinger Factory in the first place?

Nadira: I was drawn to its strong social mission and story. I also enjoyed the gorgeous shop filled with artisanal products, (and Italian lunch with the inspiring founders, Marie and Olly!)

Screenshot 2019-07-12 13.30.52.png

What do you hope to achieve with our collaboration?

Nadira: Business can be a force for good and can fulfil a broader mission than just profit. I hope we can support businesses to “raise all boats”, and create a multiplier effect. We hope to showcase your products, and raise awareness within our business, suppliers, contractors, partners and beyond, to think about the positive impact we can create in our communities.

What do you envisage in terms of your ongoing relationship with Goldfinger Factory?

Nadira: Not only will we showcase Goldfinger products, but also I hope we’ll use their space for corporate meetings and workshops. I’d like to maintain a conversation with Goldfinger and to continue collaborating on future hotel projects. We were led to Goldfinger in many ways, and believe that we’re both embarking on the same mission.

Marie Cudennec