The Goldfinger Academy offers courses in craft, sustainable woodworking and zero-waste principles to educate people of all ages and backgrounds, from curious beginners to aspiring artisans.

The Goldfinger Academy is launching a series of courses to start in Summer 2019. In collaboration with our local community, we have designed a three-tier system of courses which offer introductory sessions, more in-depth courses and our apprenticeship programme for young NEETs*, following the successful pilot with our superstar trainee Jason funded by the Hermès Foundation and South Kensington Estates.

In order to grow the Academy, we need the support of donors and partners who are passionate about joining us in our vision and making the circular economy a reality. We are also looking for craftspeople who are interested in teaching and funders to help us realise our mission. 

If you would like to find out more about the Academy or how you can support our mission, please contact:

The Goldfinger Academy provides a place of learning, inclusion and empowerment for everyone.

*Not in Education, Employment or Training