Leather Workshop - Make your own Baby Shoes

Leather Workshop - Make your own Baby Shoes

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A fun and friendly workshop where you will have the opportunity to make your own unique pair of baby shoes from off-cut leather! 
The shoes are made out of the highest quality leather available on the market, which will allow your baby’s feet to breathe and be super comfortable!

You can choose what style you would like to make, either the buckle shoe ‘Cherry' (the cute one) or the loafer ‘Marcel’ (the favourite)
You can also choose your colours; pink, yellow, blue lagoon among others!
You then choose your size; either for a 3-5 month old or 6-9 month old baby.
The shoes arrive in a kit, prepared by us and are ready for assembling together! 

You can bring a shoe or the measurements of the feet if you’re not sure on the size. But don't worry we are here to help you, even if you haven’t met the baby yet!

The workshop is accessible to any level, beginners welcome!
You can join us on your own, or pair up with your partner or friend.


Goldfinger Factory

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